Taking Part Offer

The Forum would like to work with Schools, Colleges and Services to engage with more young people. Forum members would like to ask what young people think on a number of topic areas including: –

  1. Leicester City: The Good and the Bad

  2. Celebrating Differences

  3. Self Advocacy and Peer Advocacy

  4. Independent Living

  5. Public Transport Services

  6. Education Health and Care Plans

The offer will ask young people to take part in activities including questionnaire’s, on-line comments through the forum’s blog or Info-exchange sessions and the forum can be on hand to provide support should the partner need it.


  1. What do you think of Education, Health and Care Plans?


Info-Exchange Workshops

  1. What do you think about Leicester?

  2. Travel on Public Transport in Leicester – What Do You Think?

  3. What do you see when you look at me?

  4. Be The Voice

  5. Experiences of Accessing Cultural and Religious Activities

Big Mouth Forum Bulletins

  1.    Issue 1 Bulletin – Youth Service – Easy Read

  2.    Issue 2 Bulletin – Health Service – Easy Read

  3.    Issue 3 Bulletin – Short Breaks – Easy Read

  4.     Issue 4 Bulletin – Communication Aids – Easy Read

  5.    Issue 5 Bulletin – Independent Travel- Easy Read

  6.    Issue 6 Bulletin – Hate crime – Easy Read

  7.     Issue 7 Bulletin – Transitioning – Easy Read

Students can take part in as many activities as they would like all that we ask is they add any comments or feedback of the work completed to the Big Mouth Forum Blog. If you would like to take part in any of  these opportunities please get in touch using the following contact details

Tel: 0116 454 4710

Mob: 077 101 48486

Email: Rebecca.moss@Leicester.gov.uk


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