Leading Independent Lives

Welcome to the independent living page


As forum members we have been given the opportunity to learn and develop our skills to support us to be more independent with day to day living tasks, like washing, cooking and cleaning. We have been able to visit and stay at the Y Flat.  The Y Flat is designed to help disabled people live as independently as possible. When at the flat we can actively experience living independently.

For more information about the Y visit their website

Helping to raise money for Flat 108

Forum members want to make sure that as many people as possible can receive support from Flat 108 and they would like the Flat 108 to be able to support young people upto the age of 25. The forum has established a working group to raise money for the project and each of them have set themselves a Personal Challenge to raise money.

Additional Information that supports Independent Living

Project involvement

“I Can Make It”, a campaign by  Disability Rights UK that aims to create new job opportunities for young disabled people: i-can-make-it-appeal-for-volunteers

The Inspire Project see leaflet: inspire-leaflet-v1


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