Sameer’s Story

I attend Judgemeadow school which I really enjoy. It is a much bigger school than my primary school and I like the fact I can go to different classes rather than stay in 1 classroom to do work.

Why Do You Attend the Forum?

I have been attending the Big Mouth Forum for 4 months. I like coming to the forum to meet new people, learn how I can access services to help me live independently. I have got to know other young people that attend the forum including a friend who used to attend Judgemeadow school called Markel.

What do you like about living in Leicester? I like living in Leicester because all my family live here and I love all of my family.

What would you like to see being improved about Leicester?

If there is one thing that I would improve about living in Leicester it would be the pavements because they are really bumpy and my wheelchair tires can get easily stuck.

Can you take an active part in all your family and cultural activities? I can take part in all family and cultural activities nothing stops me. I take part in lots of different activities in school including football and I attend a local sports club.

What are your experiences of Bullying and Hate Crime?

I am an Anti-Bullying Ambassador at Judgemeadow which means I have been assigned to help other people if they have been a victim of bullying or see someone being bullied. I would really like to help Judgemeadow be bullying free.

What do you think of public transport in Leicester?

I have good experiences of using public transport because the public are very helpful.

My experiences when getting to know others

It can be difficult and I have got upset with a teacher in the past, but it is important to prove them wrong, and push yourself

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