Recent Achievements

Achievements in recent years…

The forum continue to build on their successes, their worked has enabled them to achieve the following:


Members represent the forum as active members on the Young People’s Council.

Members assisted Disabled Children Service to promote the Forum at the Local Offer Live Event at the Curve Theatre.

Members supported 2 Health Visitors  to help make a film on young people’s aspirations.

Forum members have spoken about what makes them happy and the type of peer mentor support they would like to receive. Information given is being used by the Department for education to help with the plans for supporting young people’s emotional health.

Forum members given advice to SEND on a strapline explaining what an Educational Health and Care Plan is.

Forum members spoke with the Learning Support Centre – who gave advice and tips on how to prepare for college, university and work. They gave advice on the support young people have access to help them in education settings and work.

Forum members gave advice on how to make information leaflets for schools on Anti-bullying practices can be more child and young person friendly.


Forum members gave their opinions on their concerns to funding cuts for Adventure Playgrounds. Funding cuts for Adventure Playgrounds has been put on hold but funding cuts will happen with the changes to the Early Help Service.

Forum members have given their opinions to Leicester Mencap about the Health Service and support for young people.


Forum members have met with Cllr Sarah Russell: – Assistant City Mayor Children, Young People & Schools. Forum members raised their concerns about cut to short break activities and support to help them get training and employment. Forum members have met with Caroline Tote (Director of Social Care and Early Help) and raise their concerns about preparing for adulthood services.

Forum members have given their opinions on the re-modelling plans of the youth service – forum said that youth provision should be available for every holiday and services should be inclusive as much as possible. Re-Modelling plans to youth service still waiting for the results.

Forum members are helping flat 108 raise funds for their project, funds to help them employ a mentor that works with the 19 – 25 year old age group

Forum members have shared their concerns about passenger safety when travelling independently on public transport – Co-ordinator Talvinder Flora asking partners to contribute towards a training tool that will be used by professionals to develop an awareness of young people’s experiences

Forum members have been working with SENDIASS to develop an easy read information leaflet for young people. The information leaflet will be used to explain SENDIASS work to young people needing help.

Forum members have spoken to young advisors about their experiences moving from children health services to adult services. The information will be used by Healthwatch to develop services.

Forum members have worked hard to contribute and supported updates for the Big Mouth Forum website. New information, initiatives like the news bulletin and blog with photos all to help involve many more young people cross the city.


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