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“My name is Nabilah, I have been a Big Mouth Forum (BMF) member for the past 2 years, I have done lots of things such as interviewing people, and events like “Don’t Hate Educate.” I have also been involved in making an app which has been very successfully this was delivered at the Attenborough Centre. I have been to the Space Centre and experienced other short break activities: Bowling, meals out and cinema. I am a BMF representative on the Young Peoples Council, helping to be the voice for disabled young people across the city.

My involvement with Flat 108 has helped me to be more independent. Since being a BMF member I have increased my confidence and I am able to talk to lots of new people, comfortable to ask for support, learning about different job roles, asking questions and having my say to make services better.

I attend the BMF to share my views, have my say and meet new people. It is also important to attend so I can have new experiences, helping to promote the BMF making a positive impact on other disabled young people.

My future plans, to finish my education, travel the world and become a writer.”

Who am I? My name is Markel Hyman and I have been coming to the Big Mouth Forum for 5 years, beginning my journey with The Big Mouth Forum in the summer time of 2012.

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me: Before I started the forum I never used to go out much, I used just to sit at home watching or playing video games all day but in 2012 it all changed for me, I started the Big Mouth Forum and then from there on more doors to opportunities opened for me to do more things. Three years ago I took part in a project; I had read speech from the famous Martin Luther King “I have a dream”

Why I attend the forum? I attend the big mouth forum to meet new people, make friends, discuss plans for the young people’s future and most importantly we as a group speak to different councilors on how the Big Mouth Forum can change things to better the lives of young disabled people.

My plans after the forum: My big main plan after I have finished with the forum would be to get a job in the computing business and work alongside the Leicester City Council disabled Children’s Services. Whilst doing my IT and working with the city council I would also do my music too.

“My name is Jason, I’ve been part of the Big Mouth Forum for the 2 years in that time I have done lots of interviews, including a social worker, service manager and team manager positions and this has given me confidence to apply and successfully gain paid employment alongside my college qualification. I have also been involved in the editing the Big Mouth Forum website particularly the Independent Living tab and updating the events calendar. I have improved my independence by traveling by myself with the knowledge to understand timetables and directions. I have presented presentations about the Big Mouth Forum and the website at various schools, this has given me transferable skills because I am able to speak to large groups of people. I attend the forum so that my voice is heard, in the future I would like to work with animals and would like to travel the world.”

“Hi I’m Shaidean I’m one of founding members of the Big Mouth Forum and one of the long serving members. I do lots of things for the big mouth forum, I was part of Shut and Open Your Mouth films and their premieres, along with The Rising Star Awards and the audits of two groups, Goldhill adventure playground and FDM Dance both groups did exceptionally well I really enjoyed watching the kids play. I have met a lot new friends along the way and everlasting friendship”

My Hobbies: Airplanes, Music, Films, police ten 7 TV Show, QF32, Police force Australia, NYPD and Qantas”

Who am I? My name is Kornel punizykowski I am 17 years old I have been attending the forum 6 mouths.

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me:The forum has helped me a lot, I have made new friends and learnt to be independent, and the forum has supported me to use flat 108.

Why I attend the forum? I attend the Big Mouth Forum to get help, be helpful to people and understand what people say.

My plans after the forum: After the Big Mouth Forum I would like to have a job in my life. Able to meet new people and speak to different people from the council would be good too.



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