Shaidean’s Story

Hi I’m Shaidean I’m one of founding members of the Big Mouth Forum and one of the long serving members. I do lots of things for the big mouth forum, I was part of Shut and Open Your Mouth films and their premieres, along with The Rising Star Awards and the audits of two groups, Goldhill adventure playground and FDM Dance both groups did exceptionally well I really enjoyed watching the kids play. I have met a lot new friends along the way and everlasting friendships

My Hobbies: Airplanes, Music, Films, police ten 7 TV Show, QF32, Police force Australia, NYPD and Qantas

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me: It has done a lot for me like boosting my self-esteem and also making new friends along the way.

 Why I attend the forum? I attend because I was stuck inside the house after school because I was not confident to go and play outside like other kids but the Big Mouth Forum lets me have my say on big decisions that effect the place I’m living in. 

My plans after the forum: finishing my level 3 it and work in a IT base computer shop. 

Why do you like living in Leicester? it is very quiet place to live in.

What is the one thing I would improve about Leicester? To have better food places to eat.

Do you find it easy to access cultural events in Leicester? Yes it is but I don’t go to any of them because I’m not interested in them.

What do I think about public transport in Leicester? Well I don’t know because I don’t use it very often if I do use it if I have my mum with me other than that I don’t use it at all.  

Q1: Have you experienced any difficulties when getting to know others? I’m not very confident when I’m meeting new people.   

  • Q2: Have you ever experienced anyone being horrible to you, how did you feel and how did you react?  I would feel very sad and I would tell a responsible adult right away and they will sorted out .

  • Q3: Is there any advice you can share with others about how to treat others? my advice would be nice to each other, treat people with respect, don’t be nasty and don’t  called each other names, treat people how would like to treated.   









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