Nabilah’s Story

“My name is Nabilah, I have been a Big Mouth Forum (BMF) member for the past 2 years, I have done lots of things such as interviewing people, and events like “Don’t Hate Educate.” I have also been involved in making an app which has been very successfully this was delivered at the Attenborough Centre. I have been to the Space Centre and experienced other short break activities: Bowling, meals out and cinema. I am a BMF representative on the Young Peoples Council, helping to be the voice for disabled young people across the city.

My involvement with Flat 108 has helped me to be more independent. Since being a BMF member I have increased my confidence and I am able to talk to lots of new people, comfortable to ask for support, learning about different job roles, asking questions and having my say to make services better.

Why do you attend the forum? I attend the BMF to share my views, have my say and meet new people. It is also important to attend so I can have new experiences, helping to promote the BMF making a positive impact on other disabled young people.

What are your future plans?

My future plans, to finish my education, travel the world and become a writer.” I would like to travel to Europe and Turkey and other cool exotic places in the world.

Why do you like living in Leicester?

I like living in Leicester because of the parks and libraries because I like the peacefulness of the parks and I like the peacefulness of the libraries and I also the food is great because there is a variety of different cuisines which makes it interesting some of the services in Leicester are very helpful such as education health etc the town centre is very busy but the shops are boring except for the book shops because I love reading.

What would you improve about Leicester?

I think that the thing I would improve about Leicester would be the roads because some of the drivers don’t know how to drive also the bus services aren’t that great because you have to wait for a long time which is annoying also I would improve hospital waiting rooms because some doctors take too long to call you and I hate waiting when doctors take long to call me when I am waiting.

Are you able to access cultural events and Activities?

I don’t really access cultural activities because I am busy with college most of the time so I don’t go anywhere most of the year gets busy and I can’t see where I need to get off also the gaps when there are gaps on trains and there are no ramps so I find it difficult to get off and on trains in Europe.

What do you think about public transport services in Leicester?

I would improve public services because when I get on buses people don’t stand up when i need to sit down.

Have you experienced any difficulties when getting to know others?

In the past I have got upset when making new friends. I often keep my distance and become reclusive because I am embarrassed

Have you ever experienced anyone being horrible to you, how did you feel and how did you react?

Yes, I went to see someone about it and I had therapy sessions

Do you think other people treat you differently because you have a disability?

Yes, I had to move schools because I had a lot of issues

 Is there any advice you can share with others about how to treat others?

We are all equal, if you have any problems with people treating you differently you can talk to other professionals and they will help you, always strive to prove people wrong.



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