Our Most Memorable Achievements

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DVD’s Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Mouth – two short films: created as educational tools.

 Shut Your Mouth

Open Your Mouth

More about this film BBC Radio interview  here

Conference Involvement

Forum members were invited to attend various conferences to represent and discuss the work of the forum and to explain to the professionals present the importance of the forum within Leicester City and the benefits of having a young people’s participation group to support and help positive change in the services that directly affect them.


Raising Star Award

Raising Star Award an event to mark the three years Aiming High Project, focussed on what had been achieved as an outcome of Aiming High funding an opportunity to celebrate achievements and   young people’s skills and talents.

Staff Interviews

Leicester City Councils Disabled Children service identified the importance of young people’s involvement when recruiting new staff for the service, young people expressed their views about service delivery and the relationships between staff members and young people receiving the support. Young people said that they would like a say in who works with them, as a result young people have since been invited to sit on the interview panel when the service is employing staff.

Cbeebies Events

Forum members helped to promote the DCS at the family event as well as supporting families to get involved in the activities on offer, helping to decorate plant pot and plant them. Forum members used there communication skills and interacted well with members of the public.

Safeguarding Summit & Hate Crime Summit

both events set up YPC, Children in Care Council and BMF working together in partnership with Caroline Tote from the Leicester Safeguarding Children’s Board identified and expressed that engagement with the young people was needed, hoping to gain information and the views and thoughts of the young people on how safe they feel in the city.

Focusing on schools council involvement being out and about, at school and or at home what concerns were raised in these areas: what they would do to keep safe and what can be done to help and support following on from this the year after the next focus was Hate Crime (religion – being the protected characteristic) raising young people’s concerns and experiences, providing opportunity for the young people to interact with each other and take part in workshop type activities.


Peer Advocacy


Peer advocacy involvement Active training on how to advocate on behalf of others with additional needs and disabilities. Supporting others to have a voice and speak out, actively taking part in role play scenarios to demonstrate what is likely to happen in real life situations.

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