Markel’s Story

 Who am I?

My name is Markel Hyman and I have been coming to the Big Mouth Forum for 6 years, beginning my journey with The Big Mouth Forum in the summer time of 2012.

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me?

Before I started the forum I never used to go out much, I used just to sit at home watching or playing video games all day but in 2012 it all changed for me, I started the Big Mouth Forum and then from there on more doors to opportunities opened for me to do more things. Three years ago I took part in a project; I had read speech from the famous Martin Luther King “I have a dream”

Why I attend the forum?

I attend the big mouth forum to meet new people, make friends, discuss plans for the young people’s future and most importantly we as a group speak to different councillors on how the Big Mouth Forum can change things to better the lives of young disabled people.

My plans after the forum:

My main plan after I have finished with the forum would be to get a job in the computing business and work alongside the Leicester City Council Disabled Children’s Services. Whilst doing my IT and working with the city council I would also do my music too.

Why do you like living in Leicester? I like living in Leicester because people are friendly and also I know a lot of people and there are a lot of different opportunities open to young people in Leicester for people to do.

What is the one thing I would improve about Leicester?
Make it easier to find jobs that young people want to do as a short/ long term career.

Do you find it easy to access cultural events in Leicester?
I like to be as independent as possible as I can be so I make sure to try and access all of the cultural events in Leicester.

What do I think about public transport in Leicester?
I think that public transport in Leicester is good, but from my past experiences with the public transport I don’t think they are always good because sometimes they turn up late and also sometime they are rushing to get where they need to be and as a result people can get themselves hurt on the buses.

 Have you experienced any difficulties when getting to know others?

I haven’t had difficulties getting to know other please as a you disabled young person I just naturally fitted in with people.

Have you ever experienced anyone being horrible to you, how did you feel and how did you react?

Yes, it doesn’t make me feel any different, I just rise above all the negativity.

 Is there any advice you can share with others about how to treat others?

Don’t let anything affect you as a person rise above all the negativity and just be positive.

Do you think other people treat you differently because you have a disability?

Yes/No, the young people that want to help me, they’re just look out for me as a friend, some people with tell me that you can’t do this but I always prove them wrong. 



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