Kornel’s Story

Who am I? My name is Kornel Pienizykowski I am 17 years old I have been attending the forum 6 mouths.

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me?

The forum has helped me a lot, I have made new friends and learnt to be independent, and the forum has supported me to use flat 108.

Why I attend the forum?

I attend the Big Mouth Forum to get help, be helpful to people and understand what people say.

My plans after the forum?

After the Big Mouth Forum I would like to have a job in my life. Able to meet new people and speak to different people from the council would be good too.

What do you like about living in Leicester?

I like to go to youth clubs and go to meet with my friends and also to developing my English speaking skills.

What improvements would you like to see in Leicester?

I would see a different bus timetable because buses are often late and not very often to catch.

Do you go places and events in Leicester?

I’m not very religious so I don’t go to them but I  go to the abbey park museum  I also Beaumanor hall.

What do you think about public transport in Leicester ?

I think they should be a new bus timetable and more place for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

What are your hopes and dreams after you leave  the forum?

I want to help people with disabilities and I want to learn how to drive and going out more with family and friends.


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