Jason’s Story



 Who am I?

My name is Jason and I have been at BMF since 2014.

What the Big Mouth Forum has done for me?

The Big Mouth Forum has increased my independence.

Why I attend the forum?

I like to attend the forum to share my views.

My plans after the forum:

After the forum I hope to gain paid employment. Being a member of the Big Mouth Forum will be a great addition to my C.V.

Why do you like living in Leicester?

I’ve always lived in Leicester and I know where everything is, it is my home which is why I love living here.

What is the one thing I would improve about Leicester?

I would like to see more affordable accommodation to help more people become independent. Including myself! 

Do you find it easy to access cultural events in Leicester?

Some of them are quite expensive, but the free events are great and easily accessible.

What do I think about public transport in Leicester?

I am fortunate enough to have a travel card, so I have access to free travel. My local bus service runs frequently.

Do you think other people treat you differently because you have a disability?

Oh, yes! 100%

Have you experienced any difficulties when getting to know others?

I can be anxious when getting to know others, I am quite an extrovert so find it easy to talk to people.

Have you ever experienced anyone being horrible to you, how did you feel and how did you react?

At mainstream school I stuck out because of my special needs which caused others to bully me. This used to make me feel very angry, but I moved to a special needs school where they understood me better.

Is there any advice you can share with others about how to treat others?

Treat others with respect and as equals. It costs nothing to be kind.


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