Participation Terms Explained

There are many terms used at forum meetings, please see below some explanations about what they mean

 Community: a group of people living in the same place or sharing the same type of characteristics.



Community Ward: one part of a community that people live in. There is usually at least one councillor supporting each ward.




Co-production: groups or services work together to make improvements to a service i.e. school.



Councila local authority, delivering services to the local community.




Councillor: an elected member of a council.



Elected: a person chosen by the community to be the voice of the local communit


Federation: All of the young people councils and forums work together on a big project that they have a similar interest in


Forum: a meeting where ideas and views on particular issues can be shared.

Participation: To share a person’s opinion or be the voice of others with other people.

Representative: A person that shares the opinion of a group with people from other groups





Scrutiny: Inspect or check how good a service or a person’s piece of work is, make sure they are achieving the targets set.



Strategy: A plan of action to achieve a long-term or overall aim





Young People’s Council: An elected group of young people to be the voice of children, teenagers and young adults







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