Forum History

How did we start the Big Mouth Forum?

The Big Mouth Forum (BMF) was founded in 2008, with the Aiming High for Disabled Children and Young People funds given to Leicester City Council by Central Government to assist more disabled children and young people.  The Big Mouth Forum supports greater opportunity and increasing participation, focusing on short break provision and preparing for adulthood. Due to interest from service partners, the topics of conversation have widened to include health.

Known as the Disabled Children and Young People’s Forum, before changing to something more suitable, the name ‘Big Mouth Forum’ was discussed and chosen by all members. We started the forum with seven members and we were based in New Parks House, Pinder Road.

What we do:

We talk about everyday problems and things we need to improve in Leicester for disabled children and young people. As the years have passed, the BMF has become more popular.  Many professionals have asked us for help and some attend the forum to gather our thoughts, views and opinions, wanting to know how their services could improve to benefit disabled children and young people.

Our work has varied over the years since the beginning.  We work with many partners and professionals, making important and valued contributions to both local and national services.  We visit places to share our experiences and support other local authorities to encourage best practice participation. As a result we have been rewarded with outings and trips to celebrate our work and achievements.

We have raised awareness of ongoing issues such as bullying, self-esteem and advocacy, creating two short movies to raise awareness of different issues. The movies were both premiered with a red carpet and limo and were showed on a big screen. To celebrate the success of the Aiming High funding we held the Raising Stars awards, showcasing what had been achieved, and the talents of disabled children and young people.

What the Big Mouth Forum supports:

1. Confidence 

2.  Friendships

3. Relationship Development

4. Discussing Opinion

5. Making Sure Voices are heard

6 Community Development

7 Increasing Independence

8 Developing Services

9 Event Involvement

10 Project Work

11 Listing & Learning

12 FUN

13 Helping Others

14 New Experiences

15 Sharing Ideas

For more information on our successes please view our achievements pages…

Big Mouth Forum Achievements


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