Ayesha’s Story

 What’s Important to Me? I like to be called Stormzie and Eminem because they are my favourite Rappers. My family, my Carer, my Social Worker and my Teachers are all important to me. I like colouring, listening to music including Rap and Indian music. I also like getting my nails and hair done. I am very good at writing, talking and reading, doing role play activities and making movies.

Why I come to the forum: I come to the forum because it is fun and there are lots of activities. I meet other young people and we talk about things that can affect me.

What I would like to do after the forum When I am older I would like to work as a vet assistant.

What I like About Leicester: I was born in Leicester and it is great. I like going to the shops to buy sweets. I also have happy memories of my family who live in Leicester.

What I think should be improved about Leicester: Nothing, Leicester is a good place to live.

What I think of Public Transport in Leicester: I use taxis to get around most of time. I like Arriva and First buses. I like sitting on the buses, they are comfortable.

Accessing Cultural Activities in Leicester: I am Muslim, I really enjoy the lovely Eid food because there are lots of food. I find museums so boring but I love music. I like to go to discos.

My Experiences of Hate Crime: I have experiences of people being very rude to me. I am learning how to handle difficult situations  – including making sure I go to the teachers and support staff if I am upset.

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