Arshad’s Story

Who Am I: I really enjoy playing and leading on a wide variety of sport.

Why I come to the Forum: I came to the Big Mouth Forum because I wanted to make a difference within my community for young people with disabilities.

The forum has helped me to boost myself confidence and I have also managed to learn new skills  i.e. a wider range of communication (Makaton) and enhance my team work skills. I have learnt that all young people have the ability to achieve something big which has helped me to believe in myself more.

The Big Mouth Forum has enabled me to access a huge variety of services e.g YMCA – Y Flat 108. I have also been able to make new friends and attending has helped me achieve my goals for the future including learning about other people’s disabilities.

What I want to do after the forum: My plans are to use the skills I have acquired to become a sports leader with young people who have disabilities this will also help me to broaden my views of disability.

Why I like living in Leicester: I like living in Leicester as there are many diverse communities and there are a wide range of youth clubs that support young people with disabilities.

What I would like to Improve about Leicester: I would like to improve some parts of access to work opportunities for people with disabilities as there are not many options for young people with disabilities.

My Opinions about Access to Cultural Activities in Leicester: I find it easy to access Cultural events as they are all open to the community to use and their no boundaries.

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