Aaminah’s Story


What’s Important to Me: My mum, dad, brother and sisters are all important to me, my hobbies include colouring, watching films and playing on games on my laptop, I am good at art especially sticking and gluing.

Why I come to the forum: I came to the forum to meet new people, make friends and to learn about new things.

What I will do after the forum: I would like to work in a hospital, I like to help people.

What I like about Leicester: I like going everywhere. I like the shops in the centre, my favourite is Next and Superdrug. I like going out to eat and to the theatre

What I would improve about Leicester: There isn’t really anything I would change about Leicester.

What I think of Public Transport in Leicester: I use the yellow buses. They are very good. I sometimes use the train which I like alot.

My Opportunities to take part in Cultural Activities: I take part in Eid celebrations, I don’t go to the mosque – its for men only. I pray at home with my mum and my sisters.


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